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If you are like thousands of homeowner who find themselves with a home mortgage balance that is greater than the value of the home, then you need to watch these videos. 


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If you have VA loan, you have incredible protections from your lender/bank when they agree to allow you to complete a short sale.  If you are struggling to make your mortgage payment, there may be options available to you to avoid foreclosure.

If you are an active duty soldier, there are extended protections, from being sued by your lender, that you may not know about. 

If you have an FHA loan, and you find yourself faced with financial challenges making your mortgage payment, don't stress, there may yet be a way to restructure your FHA loan using HUD sanctioned protocols.  And... even if you do not qualify for an FHA workout plan, there may still be options available to you to avoid foreclosure.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac announced recently, a new effort called the "Streamlined Modification Initiative", borrowers with mortgages backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac who are at least 90 days behind on payments will start receiving offers from lenders to lower their mortgage payments. READ MORE HERE.  And even if you don't fit into this new initiative, and you don't want to suffer the stigma of a foreclosure, there may be ways to salvage your ability to buy a home again, in as little as 24 months.

All too often the executor or executrix of an estate can find themselves overseeing the disposition of a loved ones former home.  Sometimes these homes are encumbered with mortgage balances that are far greater than the actual value of the home.  It is always wise to listen to and act upon the wisdom and guidance of the estate attorney.  We are available to the executor or executrix of any estate if the estate attorney sees logic in liquidating the real estate through the short sale process, regardless of the type of loan involved. 

For those of you who have a conventional loan, that is not owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, there are still options open to you to avoid foreclosure, even if you are just weeks away from the sale of your home at a trustee auction.  The "Making Home Affordable Program" or HAMP provides incredible opportunities to mitigate the financial damage, to homeowners who find it necessary to sell their home for less than the full balance of the mortgage, a process commonly known as a 'short sale'. 

The short sale process can offer departing homeowners financial assistance to relocate to their next home.  If the homeowner qualifies for and is approved for financial assistance, it is possible... depending on the short sale program used and assuming the loan is not a VA, FHA, USDA or IDA Bond, for the homeowner to receive anywhere from $3,000 upward to tens of thousands of dollars from the bank that approves the short sale.  However that is not to suggest that the homeowner with a VA, FHA, USDA or IDA Bond loan is left out in the cold.  A homeowner with a VA loan could receive $1,500 in relocation assistance and a homeowner with an FHA loan could receive up to $1,000 in relocation assistance for completing a successful short sale.

Learn if you qualify for relocation assistance funding.  Learn if you qualify for state assistance if you must short sell your home. Learn how a short sale could or may not or will not effect your security clearance. Learn what additional benefits have emerged EXCLUSIVELY to protect the military. Learn what the VA and FHA has to say about the short sale of a VA loan. CLICK NOW to check out some of the comments from just a few of our military family.

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